A Sweet Day

Every moment that I have the opportunity to go to Wolfson hospital to be with our beautiful families who come from Gaza it’s really a pleasure. They are so sweet, smiling, and they make me happy each time that I am with them. Today when I arrived to the echo area I didn’t find Yousef (our coordinator) so I was very shy because I was not sure which and how many families were going to be there. But when I arrived one beautiful woman (the grandma of one of ourĀ  children) saw me and with a big smile greeted me. That seemed like she knew me before, but I didn’t remember if I had seen her before. But when she greeted me I felt like I was at home. So I started greeting everyone who was there.

I had in my bag some balloons, toys, sandwiches, and fruit and the families were very happy and thankful for these things, and I started to play with them. Today we had these beautiful eight families – praise the Lord some of them could speak some words in English. This made it a little easier for me to communicate with them.

Ahmad is a big, handsome and happy baby. When he saw me he gave me a big smile. He is around 6 months old with TOF. Today he came for evaluation and he was admitted for a surgery which might happen at the beginning of next week. I took them to the ward, and I helped with their bags. His beautiful grandma told me that I am like “sugar” – this was very beautiful for me. Finally they were settled into their new room for the next few days before his surgery.

Sheroq was the oldest child of the group; she is so sweet. She has a large ASD, and she came for evaluation and was admitted for a cath. She was a little sad because in the ward they performed a blood test and introduced an IV line, but she was so brave and she was smiling despite it being a painful experience for her.

Adam is another sweet boy around 7 months old, with a lovely mom. He came for a follow-up, but they found that something was not right in the echo, so they decided to admit him for a therapeutic cath. Mom was a little sad, because she was not ready to stay in the hospital. But she understood that this is for her baby, so he can get better. So, I took them to the ward and I showed them their new room for the next few days.

Lozain was our youngest girl to the group. She is really small and sweet. She has DORV and TOF. She came for re-evaluation but the doctors decided to admit her because she is not gaining weight.

Mohammed is a big and handsome boy with a lovely grandma. He was a little shy and cried a lot. I tried to play with him and finally he gave me one smile. He was so tired, he cried a lot in the echo, but his grandma did a really good job with him. He came for follow-up and Grandma was happy with the results.

Sma is a beautiful girl who is almost 1 year old. She was a little shy and cried, but after long time I got a big smile from her. She came for her first evaluation.

Zena is a beautiful girl, around three years old. I enjoyed my time painting together with her. She came for follow-up for a large diaphragmatic VSD.

Ahmed is a handsome and brave boy, who has had three surgeries, and came for follow-up. The doctors told mom that maybe in two or three months he is going to have another surgery.

It was really amazing spending time them, and it doesn’t matter what language we speak. The most important is the love and God’s grace in our lives. Please keep every child and their families that I wrote about here in your prayers.