A sweet day with Omar’s grandma

I felt like today we really got to know Omar’s grandma a lot better. She joined us as we were sitting waiting for Gabi’s surgery and for Neena’s cath. She definitely helped Neena’s mum to feel more relaxed about being in the hospital, so much so that she said that she would like to go into the room next door to Omar.

We had a lot of fun together, chatting and joking about how we can’t understand each other’s languages so well. She also surprised us with a “merci!” as we left each other.

Omar also had a catheterisation today. It didn’t take too long, and it was nice to wait together as a big group. Especially with Frankie, who is also a grandma, volunteering with us this week.

They watched together as Omar was brought back into the ICU.

The cath was described to us later as “very successful”, which was good to hear! They were able to do an atrial septostomy, which means that they made a hole in between the two atria, which will hopefully be improving the level of oxygen in the blood which his body receives.

Thank God for the good results for Omar today, and for the beautiful spirit of his grandma.