A sweet spirit

Today we took Ibrahim and his mother to Sheba hospital to have an echo and assessment for his heart. Already we have seen God’s hand working in this boy’s life as he was given permission to come from Gaza late in the day after all the doctors had left. But praise the Lord, we were able to house him at our home in Jaffa for one night and the hospital was helpful to arrange a last minute appointment for him today. This was such a blessing from the Lord as Ibrahim has many electrophysical problems with his heart and will need a pacemaker inserted to ensure that his heart continues to function properly.

Ibrahim and his mother both have sweet spirits and thankful hearts. They were both patient through the process of waiting for the tests and seeing the doctors. He was admitted today so the doctors can continue to assess and discuss the best next steps. We are so thankful that God arranged this time for him to receive this much needed intervention.

Please pray for both Ibrahim and his mother as they get adjusted at the hospital. May they have restful sleep and peace. Please also pray for Ibrahim as he is unable to hear or speak. We are asking the Lord to not only heal this precious boy physically but also to give him a new heart, one that follows after the Lord.