A Thankful Heart!

This afternoon we took two sweet families to the hospital. One of them was our lovely Marya and her Dad. On our way Marya tried to cry in the car but we did our best to try and distract her. We had to wait a long time in the hospital because Marya had the last appointment of the day. But both Marya and her father were so patient. Marya then had her first echo and follow-up with her cardiologist.
The doctor was very happy and pleased with her progress and  recovery so far. We were also blessed as he was very nice and funny with Marya and with us. He cannot speak Kurdish but he tried to make Marya laugh and make Dad happy. He reminded  us that he was the doctor who made the first echo on the night when she came from the airport.

The echo showed that her heart is strong, is working well and she doesn’t have liquid around of her heart. Her oxygen level is also good. Praise God the doctor was also able to reduce her medication schedule as Marya’s progress is so good.

The doctor did share that he thinks that in the future (he doesn’t know exactly when) Marya may need another surgery. Dad is a little disappointed because he wishes that his beautiful daughter will not need this as of course all parents would feel. However, for now, it is good news. The doctor wants to review Marya’s oxygen levels over a period of 3 weeks and monitor how she is doing. If she continues well she can go home.

I was very happy to hear how well she is progressing and also I am so joyful when i check her and her oxygen is  above 90% as before surgery it was really low. She is a little weak at the moment and cries a lot because it has only been 11 days since her surgery but she is doing great.

I am so thankful with God because her father really is doing an amazing job with her everyday . Please pray for Marya’s complete healing and for peace in her father’s heart.