A tree of life

Abdullah is seven years old, and quite a striking blue-ish purple colour to look at. His oxygen level at rest, is around 60%; it’s hard to think of him living so long with this level of oxygen impairment. He tires very easily and so uses the pushchair, instead of being able to walk.

Today was Abdullah’s first cardiac assessment at Sheba hospital. It was wonderful to meet him and his friendly and sweet mother, as they have been keeping to the quarantine requirements therefore we have not seen much of them.

Abdullah was a quiet boy, but he really lit up with every social interaction, he has a beautiful smile, and joyful happy laugh. He very much loved the cardiologist working with him, who played some games with him whilst trying to keep him happy during the echo, during which, Abdullah laughed a lot.

His mother speaks Arabic and was able to ask questions of the Arabic-speaking doctors at the hospital today. It was explained her that the echo today reveals a mixing of the blood in his heart and they see his defect of having just one chamber in his heart.

Abdullah will need to have a CT scan to further assess the anatomy of his complicated heart, as well as a diagnostic catheterisation. These remain to be scheduled. Meanwhile, Abdullah has returned home to us in Jaffa to wait for these appointments.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled, is a tree of life.
(Proverbs 13:12 ESV)

Please pray for this time in Israel; for the hope that we can see is bursting inside of his mother’s heart for his healing. Please pray that this desire of hers will be fulfilled, and that Abdullah will be able to access all the treatment necessary to bring him into good health; a tree of life.