A trip to the ER

When Shevet head nurse Colin checked the children’s vitals on Friday morning,  Asmaa had concerning symptoms such as wheezing and an increased respiratory rate.  It was decided to take her to the ER at Sheba Medical Center right away.

Although there was a very long wait in the ER, Asmaa was her normal, inquisitive, beautiful self through the whole thing. Colin brought a colouring book for her, and even with a cannula in, Asmaa insisted on helping push another child’s (little Iman’s) stroller. When video chatting with her family, Asmaa kissed the screen when her baby brother was on it!

The medical staff decided to change the frequency of Asmaa’s medication in order to make her wait for the surgery better, but of course all these are symptoms of the problem with her heart. Please pray for our Asmaa as she waits for her surgery! She was able to go home to the Jaffa house after the ER visit.