A trip to the ER

Last night I had the opportunity to meet the very active and smart Yano and her beautiful mother for the first time since their arrival here in Israel. Yano had to come to the Sheba hospital ER because her oxygen saturation was very low, around 50% and she had a cough.

The doctor sent Yano to the adult building for an X-ray because it was evening and the pediatric X-ray was closed in the children’s ER.  After the X-ray, Yano was examined.

Results indicated Yano’s heart appears larger than it should be, and her overall heart condition is worsening.  Yano’s cough is improving however and her oxygen saturation varied upward between 50-80%. According to Yano’s mother, Yano’s oxygen fluctuation is normal for her and behaves this way also in Kurdistan, characteristically unstable but they still manage. Therefore it was decided not to keep Yano in the hospital, thank God, but that Yano and her mom could go back to Jerusalem for the time being; they’ll finish their quarantine requirements.

Yano’s first appointment to see the cardiologist will be in the next few days. While we were waiting to be seen by the ER doctor, it was a nice waiting time to spend together with both Yano and her mom. They have a lovely relationship and Yano is a very smart girl. The doctor loved Yano already, they’re friends now.

Please pray that Yano remains in a good condition for her time in Jerusalem. I’m looking forward to spending more time with lovely Yano and her mother and to get to know them more.