A trip to the Old City

Written by Berith:

Yesterday we made a trip into the Old City together with Ibrahim and his mother, the first part by bus, and then by train. It was their first time riding a train and they seemed to like it, but that was probably nothing compared to their visit at the al-Aqsa Mosque. Ibrahim is a quiet boy so he didn’t say much, but his mother’s face shone when I asked her if they liked it, and she said, “Beautiful, beautiful!” We also made a trip to the nearby Garden Tomb which we try to do with all our guests. It seemed like that experience also was appreciated, despiteĀ  being tired from walking and the fact that it was a very hot day.

I rejoiced with them, and I’m looking forward to getting to know them during their stay here.

Written by Michelle:

Ibrahim was looked at and given a check-up in the Day Hospitalization Clinic at Hadassah Hospital on Wednesday, just to make sure he was in stable condition to be at the community house where he will be for one week until his surgery at Hadassah Hospital. He seems to be already at home with us here in Jerusalem and gets along with our community dog, ‘Jip.’ Although Jip is a bit larger than our dog ‘Shevvie’ in Ashdod.

Your prayer covering is appreciated for this young man.