A usual happy day

When we entered the family house this morning in Ashdod to collect Liya, we found her sleeping on the couch in a beautiful dress! We were really looking forward to the rest of the day, for she was very happy and excited.

Upon arriving in Sheba Hospital, a blood test was ordered for Liya. Her arteries were so small, the nurses needed six tries. She cried so much that after the test, she was very exhausted and tired. The echo and ECG went very well, but until we could talk to her doctor, we had to wait for a long time with Liya. We sat in the waiting area with some other families and chatted a little, Liya’s mother went to the supermarket once ,and we walked again and again with Liya in the stroller.

When we could finally talk with the doctor, he was very nice and friendly, although it was already very late. He told us that for now, everything is okay, but Liya should return to hospital in November for a check-up echo. After that, they will decide when exactly her cath and a surgery will take place.

When we went out of the hospital, we already knew that we wouldn’t make it to the Erez border crossing before its closing hour of seven pm, and even though we were an hour late in getting to the crossing, the crossing guardian was very kind and allowed Liya and her mother through the border and even helped us with getting everything through the gate.

We thank God for this day with Liya and her mother, and for getting us all through everything that needed getting through, and for the kindness that everyone we met had shown us. We pray for Liya’s next echo to go well, and for the doctors and medical staff at Sheba.