A very good day for Soso

Praise GOD, Soso had a very good day! First she got a shower that she honestly didn’t like at all but it is the very best for her. Then two clowns came to visit her, joked around and played the harmonika for the cute child and her lovely grandmother.

And since she is doing very well after her surgery she even was allowed to move to another department in the hospital! The nurse there told me, our little Soso might be able to return to Gaza at the end of the week. You can pray for Soso that her good development continues.

A special moment for me was when the grandmother put the child in my arms. I suddenly remembered the song from our worship time in the morning and I sang it for her. The Arabic song is called “Oheboka Rabbi Yassou” which means “I love you my Lord Jesus.” This reminded me that the doctors might be able to help the medical situation of the heart. But only GOD can help the most important issue about the heart: the spiritual situation. So please also pray that she and her grandmother can feel the warm love of our Lord Jesus.