A very happy discharge

When coworker Frank and I arrived on floor five of Sheba Medical Center today, Kenan’s mother was greeting us with a big smile and said, “We are going home!” Kenan was still laying in his bed, but his mother was already packing everything.

We talked with a doctor and he explained to us that Kenan will go home and come back to the hospital in two weeks. In this time, he should gain weight. They will check on the weight in two weeks and if he gained 3.5 kg, he can have his next heart surgery. If he doesn’t gain that weight, he will need a PEG tube to make sure he will gain the weight for his next surgery.

Kenan and his mother were now for nearly three months in the hospital. The time wasn’t always easy, with many ups and downs. In all that time, Kenan’s mother always tried to be joyful. Today she was even more happy to go home. With these treats you see in the picture, she went to all the nurses, doctors and other patients to let them be part of her joy. Also, all the people love Kenan and are good friends with both of them.

Kenan was smiling the whole day in the hospital and also the whole drive, as if he would know that he is going home. So he also enjoyed the time in the car, watching out of the window and smiling at me, whenever I turned around.

Because of the long time they spent in hospital, it took a while to write the discharge report. There was also the question if they should go home tomorrow, but Kenan’s mother insisted on today, so nothing will come in between, as so often happened before now. So, we arrived quite late at Erez Border Crossing and could see the sunset.

Kenan’s mother was so excited to see her husband and other child again, and that both her sons will be united.

In the car she also thanked us all so much. It was always so nice to visit her with all the joy and love she spread. So, also a big thank you to her!

Both of them have a special place in all of our hearts. We hope and pray that Kenan will gain weight in these next two weeks at home, thereby qualifying for his needed surgery. Thank you for joining in prayer.