A Very Sad and Worried Mother

I met mom and Gashbin in the waiting room. Gashbin was in for a catheterization. Her mother was worried and looked a little scared. She asked several times when they would be done. The doctors were done after a couple of hours, and mother hurried to her and hugged her.

The mother wanted to know how things had gone, and I explained everything the doctor said. Everything went well during the catheterization.

After a couple of hours we got calls from the doctors who told us that the mother was not feeling well. We went to their room and Gashbin’s mother told us that she had low blood sugar and had difficulty getting up. She got food and water and after a while she felt better. Gashbin was also worried about her mother, but her mother tried to be strong for her sake.

We really need to pray for Gashbin and her mom so they can have days with peace in the hospital and a lot of hope.