A visit with Jude

Today we visited Jude at Hadassah Hospital with my coworker Tineke. Jude is having an improvement, he’s eating from the bottle and he’s not using the sonda anymore. He has to make some stops to finish the bottle because he gets tired, he’s still learning how to do it. Jude was moved from the Pediatric ICU to the pediatric hospital wing.

Jude was staring at Tineke almost all the time. When we went to the room, the nurse was cleaning a wound in Jude’s shoulder, this appears because during the surgery, a needle came out.  Because of this, the nurses and doctors asked us to be careful and the next time to avoid entering his room with personal belongings. The person in charge of the infection’s department is worried about this issue because this is a resistant bacteria and could be transmitted easily; this is why Jude is isolated.

Praise God, Jude is already extubate and eating by his own; our prayer now should be for wisdom for the medical staff to take the correct next step for him, now is uncertain.