A visit with Tala

Today we visited Tala. Since her surgery she has been doing better, she doesn’t have fever or oxygen support anymore. When we went to her room, her grandma was making some coloring and crafts. After a few minutes, Tala’s grandma was showing us proudly all the things that she has been doing during this time. We also recognized that Tala likes music, every time the music goes on she turns her face to the corner where the toy is making music and making noises, she wanted us to put the music on again. The doctors increased Tala’s food, they are also making some brain tests, they know she had down symptoms and some weakness so the doctors want to be sure if it is related or not. Her grandma it’s asking if she can go home soon. “Inshallah,” we are with her and our prayer is the same. If God’s willing.