A warm reunion

One month after Ahmed’s discharge to Gaza, he and his mother returned to Sheba Hospital today for follow-up appointments. The nurses of floor three, who had accompanied Ahmed and his mum all the way out and waved goodbye a month ago, were very excited to meet both of them again today. They greeted them warmly, had some small-talk and helped with everything needed. It was very touching to see the warm connection that had developed between Ahmed’s mother and the nurses – people who would most likely have never met under regular circumstances.

Praise the Lord, who heard out prayers, for Ahmed is drinking and eating as he should back home in Gaza. He still loves drinking from his bottle the most, however, as hoped, his mother’s food quickened his appetite. After quite some struggle around this topic during his rehabilitation, these are great news!

Also the rehabilitation doctor was excited to hear that Ahmed is eating, drinking, running around and walking as he should. Only his faculty of speech is somewhat underdeveloped, but the doctor is hopeful that this will change once Ahmed is going to enter kindergarten (in Gaza this happens at the age of four). There is no further need to come back for follow-up appointments in the rehabilitation department. What a joy!

More than that, also the cardiologist was happy to see that everything is alright with Ahmed’s heart. His next cardiac follow-up will only be in three month from now. Until then, Ahmed can return with his mum to Gaza and continue to gain some weight and energy.

We are thankful for everything the Lord has done in Ahmed’s life and the life of his parents who so lovingly and patiently support him and his healing process. Let’s be thankful and rejoice in these good news! May the family be blessed and a blessing to other people around them back home in Gaza.