A week in Ashdod

Coworker Lilly and I picked up Wael and his mother this morning at the border of Gaza. We brought them to the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem for a bronchoscopy for Wael. The bronchoscopy went well. Next week the result will be shared with us. Wael also had a small checkup afterwards to make sure that he is doing well. They especially checked his oxygen level. Wael did not love it, but he stayed strong and sat quietly through the measuring. The doctor concluded that he was good enough to be discharged to our house in Ashdod. Next week he will have to come back for the results of the bronchoscopy and a treatment for his constant congestion. When this treatment goes well, Wael will even have his next big heart surgery in the same week!

On the way to Ashdod the mother became emotional because of the news of the surgery. She is happy, but also anxious to go through the tension of a surgery again. We praise God that Wael seems ready for his next surgery. Please pray that he will be well enough for this and pray for peace for the mother.