A weight is lifted

I went to Sheba Medical Center today to support Mohammed’s mother while her son was in his surgery. He entered surgery around eight in the morning. When I arrived at the hospital, I sat down to wait for her outside the surgery area. She came out after about half an hour. We sat down and enjoyed our waiting time together.  Another mother brought us some cake which was especially very nice for Mohammed’s mother as she hadn’t eaten anything for some time.  After a few hours, Mohammed’s grandfather and another family member came to the hospital and joined us as well during the difficult waiting time. The grandfather brought some delicious falafel sandwiches with him.

The surgery was finished after around six hours. Thank God it was successful. They did an Arterial Switch and a VSD.  When the doctors told little Mohammed’s mother that the surgery went well, she burst into tears of joy and fell down on her knees crying out, “El-Hamdullalah” which means praise God in Arabic.   It was like a huge weight had fallen from her shoulders. It was my first time seeing  someone doing this. Not only was I happy for and relieved with her, but I was also impressed at how unashamed of her actions as she was in that moment.

Please continue to join me in my prayers for this little Mohammed and his mother.