A well-traveled road

Today was Asmaa’s weekly INR test which checks how the Coumadin medicine she is receiving is working. Now that we’ve gone twice before, it felt like a well-traveled road. We knew what to expect and where to go.

It’s very good for Asmaa, because she has these tests so often now, that it is not a regular blood test where they use a needle to draw blood. Actually it’s more like how a diabetic would measure their blood sugar, like a small finger prick and then the machine reads it within seconds. Today her INR was just under the lower end of her target range, most likely due to the cardiologist stopping altogether two of her other medications.

But the doctor, who is consistently so kind and welcoming to Asmaa, wanted to wait another week before adjusting the dosage of Coumadin. And, as is becoming a common occurrence, Asmaa again managed to be given some presents before the end of the appointment, which she doesn’t mind at all!