A Wise Mother

Today, very early in the morning, we went to airport to pick up two beautiful families that came from Kirkuk. They landed earlier than we thought but than  they took such a long time, about one and a half hours, to go thru customs. We were a little worried but finally we got to greet these sweet families. One of the them was so precious Mateen and his mother. It was a lovely and  easy to communicate with  his mother because  she speaks a little  English. Mateen is a beautiful  7 months old. Thanks to the wisdom of his mother he was diagnosed with congenital heart disease when he was two days old.

Today he had his first assessment in Sheba hospital. He was very tired and hungry from the traveling , so the echo was very easy to do because his  mother gave  him milk and then he fell asleep. The doctor confirmed his diagnosis . The doctor thinks they should do a cath first before scheduling the surgery. His saturation is a little low and his lungs pressure is a little high. So the doctor thinks that it is  better to confirm Mateen’s condition before the  surgery is decided on. His case is going to be discussed this week and the doctors will make the plan for him.

Please pray for wisdom for the medical team for the best plan for our sweet Mateen and for peace for his beautiful mother in this time they are far away to home.