A Wonderful Farewell

Wednesday marked the day we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Roshna. After staying in our Jerusalem house for the last couple of weeks, she was able to return home to her family in Kurdistan. Let us remember the memories we made with Roshna while she was here.

In the beginning of March, she had her surgery to correct her congenital heart defect. She recovered well afterwards and always had a smile for everyone around her. It was so special to see how she appreciated everyone in our community and although there was a big language barrier we found a way to connect with her. Roshna was always eager to learn bits and pieces of English from us, lyrics for the worship songs we sang in the evening and even got some Art lessons by our coworker Michelle.

But most of all, we shared laughter. After being cleared to go home by her cardiologist earlier this week, we had a wonderful farewell party on Tuesday evening.

The small Jerusalem community went out to a Pizzeria and finished off the evening with a delicious cake…

…and farewell presents for Roshna.

The following day I brought Roshna and her lovely mother to the airport. It was hard to say goodbye but everyone found joy in this farewell because it also meant that Roshna could be reunited with her loved ones.

We thank the Lord for the joy Roshna brought into our community and we want to pray that the Lord will provide for her in the future.