A wonderful love

After arriving at the hospital, I found out that Ahmed was in the General Ward. Upon arriving there, I found his beautiful mum and a sleeping Ahmed. Both of them were gaining strength for the procedure which had been delayed. Talking to the nurse I was informed that he would be the next in line for a catheterization. It still took a while before he finally went into the Cath lab, but God provided the space for him.

Ahmed’s mum was quite scared at the beginning but through co-worker Helen’s support, she felt better and took the rest of the wait strongly.

Ahmed’s procedure went by quickly. He was put back into the 2ICU with a very happy mum. Waking up, Ahmed was surrounded by his loving mum, some other Shevet family members and me. The room was filled with joy and love, a great atmosphere.

I feel very blessed knowing them and the love they share with each other and us. We were sitting together and laughing. In the midst of these hard circumstances, they were able to have a small piece of normalcy and joy. This was such a beautiful gift to the families and to me. I felt like God was blessing this time with His love and joy.