A World of Love

I had never met Sohaib from Gaza or his grandmother before today but you would never have known it as we chatted away in broken English and Arabic, using few words but expressing a world of love. We met outside the cardiology department and got to know each other while we waited for the echo and medical review. Sohaib’s grandmother came from the secondary ICU to wait and she was holding such a tiny baby. He was born at 36 weeks gestation, still needing one more week to become full term. He needs to grow and become the healthy, happy, chubby baby we all want him to be. 

The exciting news is that his surgery went extremely well and the doctor was happy with both his heart and general recovery. Often babies with Transposition of the Great Arteries arrive very sick, even literally on death’s door. Miraculously after the surgeons switch the arteries (or plumbing as I like to think of it) and they receive the circulating oxygen they need, their recovery is remarkable. If all goes well we hope to see Sohaib returning home to Gaza in the next few weeks.