Abed becoming a big boy

When I visited little Abed and his lovely mother at Sheba hospital today, I was very happy to see that he has grown a lot since the last timeĀ  I visited him. He is improving very well even though the improvements have taken him a long time. His mother and I agreed that as long as he is improving and gaining weight, it’s fine if it takes him a long time.

His mother showed me with joy that he is finally wearing clothes which wasn’t the case for a long time. Even though he is so small, having been born premature, he is moving a lot which is lovely to see and his brain-function is very good as well which can be seen by him looking in the eyes of other people and reacting to noises around him.

It is really nice to witness how God is healing this little boy slowly and to see that he is getting better step by step. Doctors are hoping that after some time he will be able to produce enough oxygen with only one side of his lung. But it will take a long time and Abed’s mother needs ongoing patience.

Please join me in prayer for this.