Abeer’s catheterization

Written by Berith:

At 8:40 this morning in Hadassah Hospital, doctors and attending staff have just brought Abeer in for the cath on floor 3. I’ve never been in this small waiting room before.

Please pray for her.

Written by Michiel:

It looks like the second analysis of the MRI successfully revealed the cause of the lymphatic system problems leading to today’s catheterization. Dr Ya’akovi explained that this morning’s catheterization, widening the vein to the heart, went well and they hope it will hold in the coming days, and that it will be shown by improvement of the lymphatic system. The doctor thinks the narrowed vein may have been caused by the surgery (happens more often), causing blood pressure to build up in the vein, causing the lymphatic fluid entry into the blood to stagnate… and that was the initial problem observed.

Looking forward to seeing Abeer’s healing begin. May it be so, God.

Written by Berith:

Abeer’s catheterization was successful so far, but we were told that after a couple of days they will know the outcome. Please continue to surround this precious, fragile little baby girl with your loving prayers and blessings. I wish you had been able to see the joy in the eyes of Abeer’s aunt when early in the morning I told her that people around the world are praying for Abeer but also for all her family, the aunt included. It was a smiling, and happy woman who hugged me and kissed me before I left the hospital, and I want to send her hugs and kisses forward to you all.

To be an intercessor is many times joyful but also very painful, so thank you for standing firm in your call. To see the joy and thankfulness in the relatives when I tell them about your love for their children and families, is a tremendous blessing. Always remember to honor our beloved Abba, both in good times and in bad. He is worthy of all our praise! HalleluJah!