Abundant Blessings

Sweet Nila headed home this evening with her mom to rejoin her family in Kurdistan. They will travel with Jabali and Hani as they go through the final piece of the journey! Nila’s mom has been a bit nervous these past couple of days with such surprising news of the miraculous healing of Nila’s patent duct. Nila also had a passing low-grade fever two nights ago that increased Mom’s concern. But she was soon feeling better and her mom has had some time to process that she can indeed go home with Nila’s heart healed!

We celebrated Nila and mom yesterday at the park by the beach with a picnic. There were lovely decorations and balloons.

We enjoyed Kurdish food, worship, and gift-giving. Miss Nila received toys and clothes along with a scarf, lotion, and a Bible for Mom.

All went well at the Ben Gurion airport tonight and we waved them off at the security check point with Nila’s mom blowing kisses and sending her love as they walked off to their gate. Thank you for joining us in following Nila through to a healed heart and please continue praying for Nila and family (especially her mom) to dwell on matters of the spiritual heart as they process all that has happened to them here in Israel.