Adam is cleared to go home!

Adam arrived in style for his final echo. Next to his incredible outfit, I honestly felt a bit under-dressed!
According to Adam’s doctor, his echo was “excellent.” Then came the news we’d all been waiting for – he is cleared to travel home to Kurdistan.

It was a great moment to be able to share. Day after day, Adam’s mum has poured her heart into looking after her son. Despite everything – the lockdown, flight cancellations, long hospital days – she’s kept her beautiful spirit of patience and kindness. She often seems to bring a perspective of calmness to the worries and frustrations of others.

Adam and his mother now join the other Kurdish families in waiting for a flight home. She longs to be back before his landmark 1st birthday in July. As you thank God for Adam’s health, please keep praying for a way for the families to travel home soon.