Adam’s catheterization admission

On the way to the hospital, I looked into the rear view mirror and saw the crinkles on Adam’s mum’s forehead. She looked so anxious. Probably she didn’t expect her son to be called in for a cath and have to leave so soon. I tried to buoy her up by saying that usually you just need to stay three days in the hospital for a catheterization.

Adam’s mum is so brave and is doing everything she can to stay strong for her sixth son. When we entered the hospital room where they would be staying, she breathed deeply in and out, trying not to cry. It was also so beautiful and remarkable to see during her short time there, fearful herself, Adam’s mum managed to comfort another mum who was crying a lot.

It was really difficult to leave Adam and his mum behind. Especially because he was so upset after the doctor had tried to put a cannula in unsuccessfully. Both mum and child were crying. Normally Adam stops crying as soon as you start to tickle him underneath his feet or in the palm of his hands (he loves that). But this time he didn’t.

Today was a very long and exhausting day for Adam and his mum. Please pray that both of them can rest tonight to be prepared for tomorrow’s diagnostic catheterization.