A last embrace from papa

Thank you so much all who prayed with us for Mohammed and his father. I’m sure you all knew from previous blogs how Mohammed’s father needed a little reprieve from the hospital and would exchange places with Mohammed’s great aunt. I had an additional perspective on this event that I wanted to share.

We collected Mohammed’s father from Sheba hospital yesterday.  He was holding his son in his arms the whole time. How beautiful to see this demonstrative paternal love!  Mohammed’s great aunt, who arrived and quarantined in Jaffa a few days before, is now with little Mohammed in hospital. The father is very blessed and thankful for this possibility. Before leaving Israel for Gaza, after leaving the hospital, he was shortly in  Jaffa; there long enough to say good bye, have some coffee, visit with volunteers and stroll on the beach. We had a wonderful time together.

We bless this father with rest! Thank you for continued prayers for Mohammed, that he can return to his family soon, healthy and whole!