Additional thoughts on Alaa

What do you do when suddenly everything turns black around you, and someone declares the words you don’t want to hear, because they are to painful? That is where I suddenly found myself the night when our dear Alaa was brought back in an ambulance from Gaza with chest pains, and trouble breathing. We were praying for him in the waiting room. Medical staff had tried to do CPR for a long time and would continue, but they had very little hope to be able to save him. After 35 minutes they decided they wanted to give him one more chance.

I’m so grateful that Jonathan made the right decision, and stepped out of the boat to walk on water. We agreed that we wanted to see a miracle in the name of Jesus, and that God is faithful when we trust Him, despite all odds. And He have proved himself faithful, once again.

Alaa’s recovery is a miracle. A HUGE miracle, and if you haven’t read his story, go back and read. No one deserves the glory except God. You just love some people from the first moment you meet them, and for me, Alaa is one in that category. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people around the world have been touched by his story, and they have been and are still praying for this young man during all his hardship.

Today while making a quick visit, I was told that they were moving him to the Intermediate Department. This is a miricle! Many with Alaa’s difficulties would not have survived this, but hallelujah, he lives! To God be the glory!