Adjusting to changes

Halbast, surrounded by colorful toys, interacted with us as we marveled at his level of activity and his appetite.

In comparison to the previous weeks, of him lying still in bed with multiple chest drains, we all were delighted to hold him and play with him. His mother gave thanks to God as she found out that Halbast’s ultrasound was negative for cryptochidism.

Halbast still has fluid in his lungs, and it is still being managed with multiple high dosages of medications to reduce this fluid. His mother is patient, as she adjusts to all the new dietary and fluid restrictions for Halbast. I cannot imagine having to process all the different changes to her son, her lifestyle, and their whole family.

Please continue to pray for Halbast, as he is fighting this constant battle of fluid surrounding his lungs. We love him and his mother dearly, and hope that they are both able to find rest and healing soon.