Adleen’s last echo

I was so excited for Adleen’s echo today! I remember waiting with her beautiful mum for the surgery, and now being with her for her last echo has been so special. Lawi also had an echo today, and both of these mothers are wonderful, it was good for them to be together.

Adleen has an amazing temperament for a baby. She is content, enjoys cuddling, and is very patient. It was only today that I heard her squeal and laugh to herself while we were driving. She did great in her echo, which can be very stressful for babies as they don’t understand what’s going on and often associate medical equipment with pain if they have been hospitalized before.

The doctor looked at her echo results and said the repair they did looked wonderful. Only God knows, but the doctor does not think she will need further interventions, but regular check ups in Kurdistan to see how her heart adjusts as she grows. In the echo, Adleen’s mother asked “what about the future” and was very happy to hear this news.

When you look into Adleen’s big brown eyes, I want to know the person she will grow to be, but only God knows. And I pray that as she grows up, she will know the source of the love we’ve shared with her and her mother: Jesus the king.