Adleen’s surgery a success

Today was Adleen’s surgery day. She was in surgery from 8:30 in the morning until 1:30 in the after-noon. I can only try to convey that Adleen’s mum was the picture of strength and poise during this time. I got to know her a little more as she showed me pictures of her life back in Kurdistan; many pictures were from a wedding she attended with her family only a few days before coming to Israel. She asked about my life and Georgia’s, like plans for the future and our families.

We prayed together for her beautiful daughter who is such a joy, and who even though I saw her yesterday, I long to see and hold her again. We observed the Corona restrictions of masks and not sitting close together. I will admit there were moments, like after we prayed, when both of us quickly grasped the other’s arm for only a brief second, in which a deep sense of love was conveyed.

After five and a half hours, one of the operating team members came to the waiting area to say that the surgery had gone well and that they had closed her ASD. Adleen’s mum was thrilled and went to call her husband to tell him the good news.

A nurse accompanied her into the ICU to show her where to go and get her settled. We stood in the door to say goodbye, and then she turned the corner into the ICU.┬áThere is something so special about Adleen and her mum, maybe it’s their calmness, their benevolence, but they are so loved by us and even more so by God. We are so thankful for the positive outcome of Adleen’s surgery. She continues to be in the excellent hands of the Sheba staff and is always abiding in the hands of the Great Physician. God please continue to heal her and help her recover.