On the eve after a double Shabbat, a few of us from the Shevet base gathered at the car to pray for little Marya as Georgia and I were about to drive her to the hospital to be admitted for surgery tomorrow. The whole process went smoothly; the car ride was filled with Marya’s mom video chatting family to tell them she was going to the hospital for Marya’s operation tomorrow, they had a room ready and waiting for her, and they did an ECG and x-ray within the first hour of being there. The nurse asking preliminary questions remembered Marya, and other nurses came into say hi because they too knew her from her first surgery. And this is the norm for her- Marya and her mom are beloved and so special. Please join with us in praying for the peace of Jesus, which surpasses all understanding and remains through all circumstances to be with Marya’s mum through the Holy Spirit tomorrow during her daughter’s surgery, and for precious Marya we ask our Father to watch over His daughter as she undergoes the Glenn procedure where the surgeon will take her superior vena cava and attach it to her pulmonary artery which makes blood from the upper parts of her body go directly to her lungs, and therefore bypassing her heart. This procedure is the second part of three step process; the third of which, God willing, she will have in a few years.  So we ask all this from the Great Physician, little Marya’s healer.