Admission for cath tomorrow

Coworker Joanne and I picked up sweet little Kenan and his mother at the Erez Border Crossing today.

Then we drove to Sheba hospital and Kenan had some usual assessments required for the admission ahead of the cath tomorrow.

The doctors did an echo and an ECG and we went downstairs for Kenan’s x-ray.

One doctor explained everything for the cath very carefully and I thought it was very nice to see how much time the doctor took with Kenan’s mother.

We were told that the room for Kenan would be ready at 4 pm, but there was a miss communication which resulted in our having to wait until the nurses arranged something. After a while, a room was ready for mother and son.

In the meantime, we took a walk with Kenan’s mom and sat on a bench outside. I enjoyed the time with them.

Please pray for a good catheterization tomorrow and recovery afterwards.