Admission in tears

Today Azhan was finally admitted to Hadassah hospital for his surgery tomorrow. What should have been an easy job, was in fact a little more difficult.

At the beginning, everything was okay and all the examinations weren’t a problem for Azhan. Even though the upcoming surgery isn’t the most difficult, Azhan’s mom was worried a lot, probably because one of our children died unexpectedly one day after his surgery a few days ago. And after Azhan saw that child’s mother crying, he also started to cry. From then on he suddenly didn’t like the hospital at all and was eager to go home. He even refused to talk to anyone and ran away several times from his mom and everyone around him. Thankfully he never ran away that far and always came back to his mom who hugged him and talked to him about the things that were happening.

Until then he wasn’t yet admitted and for the nurse and the doctor in the ward, it was really difficult to deal with him. For a moment, I and his mom sat down together with him until he calmed down. Since he was really hungry, I got him a hamburger. After some food and encouragement from his mother, Azhan was okay with having an X-Ray first. After that, we went back to the ward were he was admitted. Thanks to the special trained psychologist who encouraged Azhan and made the IV canal less frightening, the admission went from then on more relaxing.

After a couple of hours and many tears, Azhan was finally okay with staying in the hospital, but even so, he doesn’t like it for some reason.