Coworkers Bria, Joanne, and I went to Erez this morning to pick up Fayez and his mother and bring them to Sheba Medical Center. His mother was in good spirits, but concerned about Fayez’s condition. He was hospitalized in Gaza for twenty days before coming here today.

He shared cookies with all of us while waiting for his echo and ECG.

Once the echo and ECG were completed, the cardiologists decided they wanted Fayez to be hospitalized due to his having been hospitalized in Gaza and  previously having a fever.

Joanne and I went down to the ER where Fayez had many tests done. Upon completion, we were sent to one of the wards where Fayez was admitted.

They will continue doing tests to see what has been affecting him. Please be praying that the doctors would have insight into his condition.