Early this morning we had to bring our friend Daveen and her mother for a CT scan to Sheba Hospital. This was the last test that Daveen needed done before her surgery so we had the great news that she will get admitted directly afterwards for the surgery tomorrow!

After a long waiting time, Daveen could finally have her CT. After she recovered from the anesthesia, we were able to start Daveen’s admission process in the ICU. It all went pretty fast as she already had an IV and they could take the blood for the blood tests from there. We went to an x-ray together which she didn’t like very much, but stayed very brave throughout.

Daveen knows already a lot of nurses in the ICU as she has been admitted there before and so she happily waved at all of them. Please pray for a successful surgery tomorrow morning for Daveen and especially for her mom who is very nervous about it!