Admitted for Cath

This is second visit of Darbaz to Israel. The first time was with his mother and now is with his father. Darbaz is the last of 5 brothers and 4 sisters. He has been admitted for his cath tomorrow. The process takes time and his father is always with him; they are like friends.

Yesterday we returned the ECG Holter test back to the hospital and today the performed one more echo and one more ECG. The doctor also asked for a new x-ray.

The surgeon explain to the father that the purpose of the cath is both diagnostic and therapeutic. The cardiologist will try to close the (DIVL) Double Inlet Left Ventricle problem in his heart.

Darbaz was very happy and exited to be in the hospital and asking if they were going to be alone. The nurses told us that other families may come later. Now we just need to pray that the Lord will give wisdom to the surgeons and all the staff at the hospital to perform a great cath.