Admitted for cath tomorrow

“Sabr ayoub” (The patience of Job) is one of the few phrases I have learned in Arabic from Shevet so far. Nevertheless, this sentence accompanies me every day, just as it did today. When we drove to the hospital with little Lalo this morning, everything went very quickly and well at the beginning. He had an ECG and an echo, during which, he did not cry. After that, I thought it was so nice that we just haD to wait for a room and it wounldn’t take long. But I probably rejoiced too early, because we waited about seven hours until little Lalo and his loving mom could finally be admitted to their room on ward five. It was a long time to wait, but it was a nice time that we spent together. Lalo’s wonderful mother speaks English. We talkED to each other and passED the time. Lalo is a very active boy and we took turns holding him. After some time, he got tired and slept.

All of us in Jaffa have enjoyed little Lalo together with his mommy very much lately and have taken him to our hearts.

When one of the friendly doctors explained to us the risks involved with any cath, Lalo’s mother was very worried and is still worried about her little son. Nevertheless, his cath is scheduled for tomorrow. Therefore, your prayers for the cath tomorrow are greatly appreciated.