Admitted for catheterization

Brave Khonav came to hospital again today. The result of the corona test was negative which meant the plan for catheterisation can continue.Today she had a consultation with the doctor, who explained that they hope to see in the cath tomorrow exactly how the shunt is doing which was placed during her surgery. Its possible that it’s a little small, and maybe the doctor will be able to place a stent which will help the shunt to be wider, allowing more blood to flow through. Also, they can check her coronary arteries and see if perhaps a surgery could be possible to repair her heart. Everything should become clearer after the catheterisation tomorrow. Khonav understood this all bravely and calmly.

We enjoyed our time together waiting for a room in the hospital, walking near the beautiful trees, and taking photos. Khonav and her mum enjoyed meeting the cardiology secretary, Tali. Please pray for Khonav as she sleeps tonight and for tomorrow to be safe and successful for her!