Admitted for catheterization tomorrow

We had a phone call today from the nurse at Sheba hospital inviting Maili in for a catheterization tomorrow! Her appointment was scheduled for next week, and so this was a nice surprise.

Maili’s mum is very nervous, and Maili herself was very upset by every part of the echo and examination today. The attending doctor was extremely patient and kind, and took her time to make sure that she explained Maili’s heart condition thoroughly, as well as the catheterization procedure tomorrow.

The purpose of tomorrow’s cath is to determine whether Maili’s heart is ready to have a major heart surgery or not. It’s possible though that she will not yet be ready for such a procedure, and therefore the doctor might see that it could be helpful to place a stent to help her blood flow as Maili grows and her heart gets ready for the big surgery.

Maili was admitted to the cardiac unit, and prepared for the procedure tomorrow. Please pray that it will go well and for peace in her mother’s heart.