Admitted for catheterization tomorrow

Fayez and his mother are old friends with Shevet. When we talked on the phone, his mom asked me if I remembered her and of course we did. Fayez was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, he was returned to Gaza in January and now is coming back for a catheterization.

It was not clear if there was permission for his mom to enter Israel, or just for his grandmother; a chaperone is required for each child arriving to Israel. Due to this uncertainty, Fayez’ mother began calling me again and again, it was challenging.

I thought to myself I need to be more patient, All those calls reflect the stress of her situation, she is about to take her child to a foreign country for a treatment and still does not know if she will be allowed to come with him or not- any mom would be stressed in this situation.  It also made me appreciate the work of Amar who is under constant pressure from day and night calls for much of the time.

We arrived at Sheba hospital, and things calmed down. We found some food for Fayez and his chaperone while we waited for their room to be prepared. Fayez was admitted to Sheba and the cath is scheduled for tomorrow.