Admitted for diagnostic cath tomorrow

Shortly before Co-workers Julio, Bria and I wanted to leave our Jaffa community home with two Kurdish mothers and their children, all of whom had appointments at Sheba hospital, we got a phone call from the hospital saying we should bring Abdullah to the hospital also. It was, as always, the perfect timing of God, because we were just about to leave.

Therefore, Abdullah was admitted to the hospital today for a diagnostic catheterization tomorrow. When he came to the hospital, he had to do an Echo, X-ray and Corona test. He is a really calm, nice little boy, which is why he didn’t have a problem with any of these tests, not even with the Corona test.

After the tests were done, both Abdullah and his mother were able to go into their room which was nicely prepared for them, and now they are looking forward to the diagnostic cath tomorrow. Please pray for them.