Admitted for surgery

After some weeks of patient waiting, Lia’s mother brought her baby today to Sheba hospital, to be admitted ahead of her surgery tomorrow.

They both looked wonderful today, Lia’s mum in a very modern all black outfit, and Lia in a beautiful white jacket with pink beads sewn into it. Lia is a real treasure to her mother. As we spoke about traveling to Israel for the surgery, Lia’s mother expressed, “Lia is my eyes!” This doesn’t translate so well into English, but it is a beautiful way of saying how precious her baby is, and how Lia’s mother and family have done everything they can to help get Lia the surgery she needs.

Lia and her mother, along with a few other families, have moved now into our home, and we all have been extremely pleased for the opportunity to get a bit more time with Lia’s mother. She is an extremely pleasant lady, never pushing herself to the front, but is steady, kind and quietly generous. We have noticed many examples where she looks out to make sure that others are not left out, and is never complaining about any delays in Lia’s treatment.

A fun experience today at the clinic was that the ECG technician spoke Farsi, which Lia’s mother also knows.

Lia was admitted to the pediatric ICU this afternoon and won the hearts of everyone there. Many doctors and nurses stopped to put their heads into Lia’s room and exclaim how beautiful and sweet she is. One of them even brought her a doll to welcome her in.

Please pray for lovely Lia going into her surgery tomorrow, and for her mum alongside her tonight.