Admitted for surgery

Today I was able to spend my whole day with our little Fatoum. She stayed the last night with us in our beautiful Ashdod house named ‘Revayah,’ which she was so happy about. But because she loves Ashdod so much, it was very hard for us to maneuver her departure from the house. Her mother even said to me that Fatoum would like to go to school for two days and to Ashdod for two days each week. It made me so happy to hear that the families like our place!

When we arrived at Sheba Medical Center and walked through the admissions process, we had a lot of time together in the waiting area running, painting and chilling. Then came her ECG.

Then her X-Ray, where the radiologist was so kind.

He even gave Fatoum some stickers afterwards for her bravery!

It seemed like she liked them, at least she immediately stuck them on her face.

After the X-Ray, we brought Fatoum and her mother to their prepared hospital room.

At first she didn’t want to stay in the hospital, she cried and didn’t want to lay on her bed, but when her doctor entered the room and did first examinations, she was very calm and seemed to be interested in what was happening. It was really great to see her ending her long day in a calm and peaceful way.

Please pray for Fatoum and her mother, that they can make themselves at home and feel comfortable in the hospital. Please also pray for her surgery which will hopefully be on Thursday.