Admitted for Surgery

We really could see the Father at work today perfectly orchestrating the timings of everything happening at the hospital. One lovely example of this today was how Zinar and Razbar were ready to leave the hospital at the same time as Nyaz arrived to be admitted for her surgery tomorrow. The transition was seamless!

For Nyaz and her mother this day could not have come soon enough and it was such a pleasure to spend time with the two of them today in such high spirits and so relieved knowing that the surgery would be tomorrow.

Nyaz attracted quite a lot of attention today from those working at the hospital be it radiographers, cleanse, nurses and doctors as she just lit up the spaces she was in with her beautiful smile. Nyaz had all of the standard tests the children have when they are admitted for surgery including, an X-ray, ECG and blood tests. When Nyaz had finished her preliminary tests she was able to go straight to her room in the ICU. It was wonderful to see that just 2 rooms away from Nyaz is Warren and her father. It is always calming when there are multiple parents from Kurdistan in the ICU together as generally the families rely strongly on their community, like us at Shevet.

Nyaz settled into her room ell. She will have the first surgery of the day tomorrow. Please join with us in praying for every aspect of her surgery tomorrow, the hands, minds and hearts of the medical team, Nyaz’z physical heart and for mum as she waits for the surgery to take place tomorrow.