Admitted for surgery

We got the call today to bring Adam into hospital as they would like to make surgery for him tomorrow. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was the first time co-worker Anna and I had seen Adam since the weekend, and we were both glad for the time together. We have been missing him. Even though they have been here just under a month, they feel like our family!

Happy little Adam was admitted to hospital after an ECG and an X-ray. The staff were very kind to him and his mum, but even so, she was very worried. It was nice that we passed the Grandma of little Mahmoud, who had been in the ICU since Adam had his catheterisation. These two ladies remembered each other and it was nice that there was a familiar face for Adam’s mum.

Adam’s mum is a very beautiful lady, she deeply loves and cares for her baby, as she picks him up and pours out her affection upon him. She was trying so hard to remain strong for him, despite feeling much afraid for the interventions which will be taking place soon. Firstly, she was worried about the application of a  cannula, as the last time she described a really traumatic time with Adam whose crying delayed the medical team’s success at finding a good vein to place the cannula.

We prayed for peace and for God’s presence guiding the hands of the doctors tomorrow, for safety and healing for Adam. Please continue to pray for his mum, as she is alone now in the hospital.