Admitted for surgery

Aya’s mum has been earnestly asking about the outcome of Aya’s CT scan.  Today, the answer arrived. Early in the morning, we received notification that the hospital would like to invite Aya in for an echo, and admit her for a surgery tomorrow.

Aya and mum have been in Jerusalem for a couple of weeks staying at our Shevet Guest House there. They returned to our Jaffa house on Wednesday. It had been lovely to have them back with us. Aya is so full of life, she enjoys the beach and going out with “Shevie,” our community dog. Her mum is so much fun, as well as an excellent cook, and made a huge platter of the Kurdish speciality, “Dolma” for our Shabbat dinner on the weekend. We all loved it.
It was really nice to be able to spend a long time with them both today, waiting for the admission process which included an Echo and a Corona test. Aya’s mum is worried about the surgery for Aya, as she knows it’s a big surgery, involving problems with two of the valves in Aya’s heart. Aya, on the other hand, is fairly excited about the surgery, as she is hoping for an iPad afterwards. Or it is possible that perhaps she is hoping to be able to take Shevie home to Kurdistan.

They are speaking to Aya’s dad often; Aya is the only child and they seem like a really lovely family.
Despite a very long wait to know the result of the corona test, we saw a lot of kindness and patience from the staff in the hospital today, to ensure that we were comfortable in our waiting circumstances.

Please pray for Aya and her mum as they are spending tonight in the ICU, next door to three of our other Kurdish families in Sheba hospital at the moment. We’re asking for God’s blessing for the surgery tomorrow.