Admitted for surgery tomorrow

Today Sohaib was being checked in to Sheba Hospital for his surgery tomorrow.

Doctors plan to attempt to close the hole in his heart and potentially do a valve repair.

Sohaib arrived at hospital and enjoyed playing in the waiting room while waiting for his echo and X-ray.

His mum was happy to finally have the ‘go-ahead’ for surgery after much waiting, but also naturally concerned about this major event. Unfortunately, the completion of Sohaib’s check-in into the ICU brought a low, tearful moment for Sohaib due to his previous memories of time in this place being largely negative.

Things picked up after a snack of chicken, however the calm was not to last as Sohaib had a particularly unpleasant time getting his IV cannula.

Fortunately his mother was eventually able to console him.

Please pray for this major surgery tomorrow, and for God’s love, peace and protection to be with Sohaib and his mum.