Admitted to Sheba

Late Friday evening, we learned that Mizgeen has recently had episodes of tachycardia (elevated heart rate) with low oxygen and blueness in his face and hands.

Coworker Rachel and I took him and his mother to the ER at Sheba Hospital, where the doctors did an x-ray, ECG, and blood test to determine the cause of these episodes. When they didn’t see anything out of the ordinary in his test results, they decided it was best to admit Mizgeen for observation and monitoring.

Thankfully, Mizgeen likes the hospital and has been quite excited to go, so he was one happy guy for the six hours in the emergency room. He loved the big fish in the waiting room, as well as the bed in the examination room, and he thought the x-ray and ECG were pretty exciting. When I explained to his mother that they would need to stay for a night or two, she was a bit disappointed, but Mizgeen gave me a big grin and a wave and said “Okay, bye!”

Please pray that the doctors would be able to determine the cause of these episodes and a good plan of treatment.